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Scholarship demands for 17 years goes unheard with no recognition to the Indigenous Religion


The Seng Khasi which is one of the indigenous religions of the Khasi people who continue to uphold and preserve the tradition and practice of the ancestors, and which is also an image presented to the whole world on the indigenous identity and special status of the community in the land of the Hynñiewtrep, but yet, in this age of enlightenment and knowledge, the Meghalaya Government does not understand the value of tradition and culture of man when other communities from all around the world are on a quest to search for their roots, and many can no longer find them even though they are eager to know and identify when they find it, but we who still have their tradition and culture, who follow it and who are aware of it are being forced towards extinction by a few fanatics and the Government cannot identify that at all.

Time has passed and years have roll on from one to the other and it is also seen that this indigenous religion is taking the form of a minority religion in its own place of origin, therefore in order to save it from extinction because the community is seen to have gone astray, the Seng with one mind to further affirm the specialness bestowed so that the world can also witness the wisdom of the ancestors for about 17 years now has demanded a special scholarship for fellow believers and practising members of the indigenous religion but have till now been denied the provision as the Meghalaya Government has not given its approval at all. Is this not discrimination and oppression in the State only because they are from a minority religion? Or is it not a right for them to get it?

In connection with this matter t7 also spoke with P.Ryntathiang, President of the Seng Khasi, West Khasi Hills District and in response he said, ” The Seng has for about 17 years pursued the demand for this reservation to be granted which is a right as per the directive of the Supreme Court of India however, the Meghalaya Government has turned a deaf ear to us.”

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