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We should not destroy plants and trees,they have a right to live as we humans do


Mawkyrwat, June 04: Pyndensakwang in South West Khasi Hills District in part to join in the commemoration of the World Environment Day today the 4th of June organised a tree plantation programme and at the same time also organised a cleaning drive of the village surrounding in collaboration with the Office of the Community led Landscape Management Project(CLLMP).

The programme had enthusiastic participation right from the old, the youths, boys and girls of the village. The village has set a goal on how to preserve plants and trees as well as cleanliness and sanitation in the village, wherein the village tries many a times in bringing cleanliness and sanitation in the village as well as changes in nature by planting trees so that it can be of benefit not only for the present generation but also for the future generations.

Pyndensakwang village continues to urge and also warns the residents and the people who transit through the village to please maintain cleanliness and not to indiscriminately litter and dirty the roads in the locality by inviting for a cooperation with the village so that cleanliness and sanitation can be maintained and to be free from many illnesses and diseases.

On this day an awareness talk was also delivered by workers in the CLLMP, N.Bareh and K.Lyngkhoi as well as from the local village administrators, Amaos Kharjahrin to make the people understand better on the value of plants and trees and all living things in this world which should not be harmed for they too have a right to live in this world as we humans do. Furthermore, they also said that it is important that people should not only remember to plant trees or clean their surroundings only on special days but that we should remember to celebrate everyday by cleaning and valuing mother nature.

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