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Educated youths leave the State due to lack of employment, give the BJP a chance now: Sanbor


SHILLONG, June 04: The leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Meghalaya who is also the MLA of South Shillong, Sanbor Shullai has expressed concern over the majority of youths leaving the State due to the lack of employment opportunities. The MLA said this in one of the gatherings held in Mynsain, Upper Lumparing.

He said that as a leader and an MLA he is very much concerned about many things especially in connection with the future of the children because every year there are thousands of youths who complete their education in different degrees, but are still unemployed. He said that about 75 thousand educated youths have had to leave the State and their homes due to the lack of employment opportunities in the State and have to go to other parts of India for employment.

Shullai said that one of the reasons for them leaving is because they do not get an appropriate employment as per their degree, beaches in their own State they will not even get a salary of even Rs.10,000 a month while in other states they get a salary of about Rs.50-60 thousand.

The leader of the BJP in the State said that unemployment is seen in other North-Eastern State as well, and in Nagaland they have made a loud cry that they are dying of hunger due to the lack of employment opportunities, but in 2018 the State with a 98 percent Christian population chose the BJP Government with 12 MLAs of the party, and in 2020 they received Rs.5000 crores to strengthen the Naga Regiment while also introducing upto 2000 new jobs. He said in 2021 the BJP Government in Delhi allocated upto Rs.8000 crores for the creation of upto 7 lakhs jobs and all the youths of Nagaland came back to their State to work in Government jobs.

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