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UDP still alive in Mawkyrwat, only dissenters exited


SHILLONG, May 31: The United Democratic Party (UDP), Mawkyrwat Circle along with leaders of the UDP from South West Khasi Hills District have clearly stated that the UDP in Mawkyrwat is still very much alive unlike what has been reported in the news.

The President of the UDP in Mawkyrwat,Shanbor Nongsiej said that the people of the area should not misunderstand and the party has no knowledge about it because only a few dissenters of the party have exited.

He said that the party henceforth will work hard to further strengthen the party and informed that in the few coming months the party will welcome thousands of people who will be joining the party in Mawkyrwat, and expressed also that in the upcoming election, the UDP will achieve victory from this constituency.

With regards to the exit of Medalsing Lyngdoh he said that his action is due to him knowing fully well that he will not be getting a UDP ticket to contest in the upcoming Assembly Election in 2023. He said that the party had at first sent the name of Medalsing Lyngdoh but as the time to decide has not yet arrived to make a decision on a party perhaps that is the reason for his exit from the party.

P.S Wanñiang said that the UDP has not been made defunct at all since the President and office bearers are still very much there, while stating that the party supports the leaders of the UDP Mawkyrwat Circle, and the goal of the party is to achieve victory in 2023 from the two constituencies in the district.

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