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HYC Nongpoh Circle condemns the NTC over foul smell from garbage dumps in Nongpoh


Nongpoh, June 01: With concern over the lack of responsibility from the authorities incharge of the Nongpoh Town Committee and Dorbar Shnong Nongpoh Proper in collecting the garbage dumped at the designated garbage dumps in various parts of Nongpoh town.

The absence of waste collection from the different areas has resulted in a very foul smell enveloping all over which may affect the health of the people especially school children who have to pass through these areas as also the shop vendors nearby these places.

The HYC Nongpoh Circle today inspected the place and found for a fact that a very foul smell is emitted from the garbage dump which has also affected many people who have to pass through the area.

The HYC Nongpoh Circle strongly condemned the authorities incharge of that aspect and have also demanded that they should clear the collected garbage within a week otherwise the organisation will have to resort to other means.

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