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Police Outpost demanded in Rambrai due to far distance of Nongstoiñ, says the FKJGP


Rambrai is one of the biggest towns in the West Khasi Hills District area and in this town, there is a branch of the Meghalaya Rural Bank, a Veterinary Office, different schools, a PHC and other necessary offices and establishments.

While there are hundreds of villages but what has posed much problem for the local residents of the area is the distance of the Police Station situated in Nongstoiñ which the people have to travel for long hours to Nongstoiñ in the event of any emergency work especially when any unfortunate incident or any other incident takes place.

Not only that, but in the town, traffic jams have become a daily routine due to the number of cars which has also led to much congestion in public movement due to the drivers arbitrarily directing the traffic as per their wishes which have also led to many arguments and fights, therefore the presence of a Police Outpost is one of the most important need of the area which is also emergent in nature.

With regards to this matter, the FKJGP under the leadership of Jistarland Lyngkhoi, President of the FKJGP, Rambrai Pyllun today submitted an appeal with H.G.Lyngdoh, Superintendent of Police,WKHD to demand for a Police Outpost in the area.

As a reminder, Rambrai town in recent months had also had an incident where the Meghalaya Rural Bank situated in the town was burgled in which 6 miscreants were arrested by the police.

Lyngdoh while speaking with a news correspondent said that it is not in his power to grant what the organisation has demanded but he will forward the appeal of the organisation to the higher authorities.

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