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Unusual helmet for awareness amongst two-wheeler riders


A man by the name of Bristarlet Rymbai, 34 years of age, son of Loris Ramsiej and a resident of Upper New Nongstoiñ put on an unusual helmet which he designed and made on his own in the fashion of an ancient war helmet worn by Roman soldiers as seen in the film “Sparta”.

With regards to this matter when t7 asked Ramsiej about the meaning behind wearing such a helmet, standing out alone while walking around the town of Nongstoiñ, he said that his helmet may seem amusing but that is precisely his objective, to catch the eyes and attention of the youths riding two-wheelers in part to show and create an awareness but he has since stopped wearing it after having been prohibited by the Government, however he would like to urge upon the riders to be careful for their lives while riding two-wheelers.

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