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Kyrchai, a clean village with the coming of the SHG


Kyrchai is a village in West Khasi Hills District which is only about an hour’s distance from Rambrai town but due to the bad road conditions, it takes about 3 hours to reach the village on a two-wheeler.

The local residents of the village include people from the Khasi,Garo as well as other communities and it is a very beautiful village because it is surrounded by natural green forests and rivers all around.

When one looks at the roads and paths of the village, it will be difficult to find even a small piece of plastic, whether it be in the rivers or on the inroads of the village or it’s surrounding areas as a result of the cleanliness practised by residents and not just that but what is even more beautiful is that the market is also clean, as is the river with its clear waters situated in the middle of the village which the residents can use the water for bathing, washing and cooking as well.

t7 upon reaching the village witnessed the women folk of the village waking up early in the morning and going out with brooms to clean the inroads of every locality of the village and this task is done about 3 times a week through a team of the SHG.

The team of the SHG under the banner of the Village Organisation is supervised and appointed by Commingstar Diengngan, Cluster Coordinator, Nongstoiñ cluster.

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