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Wildlife Nongstoiñ pick up an Owl from Mawphansien village


A couple, Kong Twitrida Nongsiej and Bah Blis Thyrniang, residents of Mawphansien village, a village in Rambrai region, West Khasi Hills District got hold of an owl and took care of it for about 2 years.

Furthermore, it was informed that the couple found the bird while farming on a forested areas and as they were walking, suddenly due to strong winds, they saw a nest falling from a tree on the ground, therefore they took the owlet which was too young to fly and took care of it from then till now.

Speaking with t7, the couple said that the owl eats frogs and other types of meat and have of late been facing problems in providing food for the owl and therefore decided to hand over the owl to the Government authorities but in not knowing the right way to hand over the owl to the authorities, they were left taking care of the owl until they met Tailan Star Lyngkhoi, a civil society organisation leader who visited the village who helped them by giving a call at the Office of the Wildlife and following which Bantibor Swer, an official of the Wildlife department along with his team immediately went to the village and took over the owl for formalities to be completed.

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