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Non-tribals come out in public protest alleging assault by KSU members, Police stop KSU from charging


Nongpoh,May 12: Thousand of non-tribal employees today came out in a public protest with the allegation that they have been assaulted by a few groups that came to inspect the factory yesterday in Umïam and although they did not identify themselves as members of the KSU, yet to them it was clear that this was done by members of the KSU who inspected the factory when the KSU members today marched for an equal show of strength with the non-tribal employees but were however stopped by the Magistrates and the police force of Ri-Bhoi.

The stir of the non-tribal employees from different factories situated in the MIDC Industrial Estate, Umïam was organised by the non-tribal employees at Riando Veneer Private Limited.

The office bearers of the KSU in Umïam said that the allegation of assault on the employees in the said factory is incorrect because the KSU was only conducting an inspection on labour license.

Furthermore, the KSU through Lester Nongbet, Organising Secretary has strongly condemned the owner of the factory who allowed and gave the employees a chance to carry out a baseless protest and also said that the said factory will have to shut down temporality until the owner gives an apology to the union.

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