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As butchering becomes an unprofitable business, KJBWA decides to dissolve it’s association


The association of butchers, the Khasi Jaiñtia Butcher Welfare Association, today the Thursday of the week decided to dissolve and no longer intervene in the number of cattle being brought to abattoir situated in Mawïong which has reduced from 40 to about 3-4 in a day.

Speaking with media persons today at the Cattle Abattoir in Mawïong, the President of the association, Generous Warlangpih has strongly criticised the Checkpoint at Byrnihat by stating that this Checkpoint instead of checking the health and the cattle being brought in and sent out as part of the interstate trade, has turned instead into an illegal tax collection point of officers of the Veterinary department.

Furthermore, he also informed that with regards to the erratic supply of beef in the state, the association had demanded that the Government must look into the illegal tax collection at the Checkpoint, because this Checkpoint in Byrnihat which is manned by officers of the Veterinary department, has turned instead into an illegal tax collection point, and the beef that comes into the state is buffalo meat.

On this action of the officers of the Veterinary department, information had been received also that there are officers who ask for documents from the trucks transporting cows from outside the State, but if they do not possess proper documents, the are demanded to pay a sum of money so that they are allowed to transport the cows to be butchered to the State.

It is informed that in comparison with past years, he said that the number of cows butchered in a day used to come to 40 in a day while at present they get only 3 cows.

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