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‘We will not accept any form of gambling’, KJCLF meets the CM to oppose gambling


SHILLONG, May 06: The Khasi Jaiñtia Church Leaders Forum(KJCLF) expressed that it will not accept any form of gambling, while meeting with the Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Conrad Kongkal Sangma today to express their objection to the intention of the Government in legalising gambling in the State.

Speaking with media persons, the Secretary of the KJCLF, Rev. E.H. Kharkongor informed that the Chief Minister said that the Government has not decided yet on going ahead with the implementation even though regulations have been formulated. He informed that the Chief Minister has informed that the Government prior to moving forward with the proposed regulation will have a consultative process with the public and will not rush into it without having a clear picture on it.

He further informed that the Chief Minister has clearly stated that if the Government goes ahead with the plan then there will be many regulations, while stating that as per the Government’s expression, the plan has been presented as a means to generate revenue for many processes of the State.

Rev.Kharkongor said that the reasons behind the forum’s objection to gambling being legalised is the harmful effects on society,families and the other evils and licentiousness which arise from gambling.

On being queried about the feeling of the KJCLF on the existing forms gambling, the leader of the KJCLF said that the forum has not had a chance to speak on it, but informed that the Chief Minister has clarified that the Government will also put regulations in place for the existing forms of gambling, which the forum also feels is necessary.

On being queried further, Rev Kharkongor said that as Christian leaders, the forum does not encourage gambling, but it cannot control the personal lives of others.

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