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“Will you allow your servants to sell off your land?”, Robertjune Kharjahrin slams the CM and Dy. CM over the MoU


Nongpoh: The President of the Hynniewtrep Youth Council, Robertjune Kharjahrin strongly criticised the MDA Government, especially the Chief Minister, Conrad Kongkal Sangma and the Deputy Chief Minister, Prestone Tynsong, after the Government signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to resolve the border issue by giving away freely huge plots of land to Assam.

He said that if these leaders of the MDA were in Assam, it is sure that they would have been attacked by the mob, but the residents of the area did not attack Conrad Sangma and Prestone Tynsong to now.

He said that this matter is not a joke, and added also that the Ministers in the Government are only public servants and not the owners of the land of Meghalaya and have no right to sell off any part of land under Meghalaya.

The Hynniewtrep Youth Council today called a public meeting of the leaders of Hima Nongspung Raid Warmawsaw Umsohbar, Hima Jirang and public residents of Bakhlapara area, for them to hear with their own ears on the matter of the border resolution with Assam which gave rise to a lot of problems due to the giving away of plots of land belonging to the Raid and Hima to Assam without informing them.

The organisation leaders and the leaders of the Hima and Raid while speaking to the public said that whatever be the situation,they will not accept the MoU signed by the Government and it must revisit it and resolve it in a better manner because in this signing of the MoU between the two States, it is a profit for Assam because there is only ‘give’ and no ‘take’ in the settlement of the two villages in Meghalaya, Jimerigang and Lyngkhung which was given to Assam and since the signing of the MoU, problems have started to emerge in these areas.

After the meeting ended, the organisation and the public residents burnt the effigies of Conrad Sangma and Prestone Tynsong as a sign of protest over the loss of major parts of Meghalaya to Assam and strongly condemned the State Government and demanded for the signed MoU to be re-examined.

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