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Government will deliberate on the safety of Umïam bridge


SHILLONG, May 04: The High Court of Meghalaya on Wednesday directed the State Government to find another alternative bridge to connect the Highway to Shillong town and not wait till the current bridge collapses.

The High Court also directed the State Government to prohibit the plying of vehicles with weight load of more than 10 MT through the Umïam bridge, and two way plying of heavy vehicles at the same time through the bridge. The High Court also said that the State Government must seek funding from the Central Government because the Umïam bridge is the nearest connecting route to Shillong.

With regard to this directive of the Court, the Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Conrad Kongkal Sangma said that the concern of the High Court is also the concern of the public and the Government will deliberate on actions to ensure the safety and to safeguard the Umïam Lake.

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