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Documentation as proof to be presented by KAS to further the demand of including the Khasi language in the Eighth Schedule


SHILLONG, May 03: The Khasi Author’s Society (KAS) has expressed that it is important for other communities to know the Khasi language, and if all the residents of the Khasi Hills can speak the Khasi language then it will be included in the Eighth Schedule.

The KAS on the 3rd of May held a General Meeting and in this meeting resolutions were also passed to keep pushing for the inclusion of the Khasi language in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution.

Speaking with the President of KAS, Dr.D.R.L.Nonglait after the General Meeting, he said that KAS has resolved to prepare a documentation to be presented as a strong and living proof for the demand to include the Khasi language in the Eighth Schedule. He said that with this documentation,the total number of students studying Khasi in the universities and schools will also be gathered.

Dr.D.R.L Nonglait said that the National Education Policy, 2020 really stresses on the knowledge of three languages, one being the mother tongue, second being Hindi and third, a foreign language which is English.

He said that it is important to know these three languages, and added that in Meghalaya, English is the official language. He further stated that KAS wants to promote the Khasi language in all aspects, and the first is for the public to know how to speak the Khasi language.

He said secondly, a popular and strong language is not to be spoken only by the native community, but also by all other communities residing in the area,for example he said in the case of Shillong as a place where people from different communities reside, the residents should all be able to speak the Khasi language, and people from other communities should be urged to speak in Khasi.

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