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NPP bypassing stakeholders led to public protest over the boundary line: Adelbert


Shillong: The MLA of North Shillong constituency, Adelbert Nongrum has put forward a question on the motive of the NPP which leads the MDA Government in the State to bypass and not take into account the suggestions from all stakeholders with regards to the final signing of the MoU with the Assam Government to resolve the boundary issue.

Speaking with media persons, Adelbert Nongrum said that yes, it is true that the Government has claimed to have had consultation meetings with all the political parties before signing the MoU, over which Adelbert Nongrum expressed that from his end, at such meetings, he had demanded that the Government also needs to clarify or to reveal to the people before they went ahead to sign the MoU.

However, what is shocking is that the Government has not done any of this at all and to the point that they have actually bypassed the suggestions of the District Committees and this betrayal has now made the public to have no other choice but to come out in public protest over this matter of the boundary line.

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