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After snatching Urban Affairs from Hamlet, the rush to resolve border issue is for the profit of a few wealthy people: Pala


SHILLONG, April 25: The MP of the Lok Sabha from Shillong who is also the President of the Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC), Vincent H.Pala said that the rush to resolve the border dispute by the Government with Assam is not at all for the people, but for the profit of a few wealthy people from Meghalaya who want to buy a hotel situated in Khanapara.

He said that the land documents for the said hotel has been obtained from Meghalaya, while the building permission has been obtained from Assam, because Meghalaya does not give out building permissions for 5 storey buildings, and after the wealthy people bought the said hotel, they also took away the Urban Affairs portfolio from Hamletson Dohling. This department was handed over to Sniawbhalang Dhar, and the Building Bye-Laws was also changed the moment another Minister took over the Department of Urban Affairs, and the rush to resolve the border dispute was also after the department was taken away from Hamletson Dohling.

He said that the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)signed did not have any witnesses. He said that this is only to fool the public, and if they want to resolve, then how come it has only brought chaos instead, but only so that the work of the wealthy people is met.

The leader of the Congress also said that he accepts that the Congress could not do anything with regards to the resolution of the border dispute, but he said that now more problems have arisen. He also further said that instead of giving false promises or fooling the people it’s better to do nothing.

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