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3-day Annual Sports Meet 2022 of Rymmang Secondary School,Mawjyrsim inaugurated

Mawkyrwat, April 12: H.Staline Diengdoh, retired MCS, Sub-Divisional Officer of the Ranikor Civil Sub-Division today the 12th of April,2022 inaugurated the 3-day Annual Sports Meet 2022 of Rymmang Secondary School, Mawjyrsim held at the ground of Mawsep village, South West Khasi Hills District.

In this Annual School Sports Meet 2022, teachers divided the students into four groups,Blue House, Green House,Red House and Yellow House and with the enthusiastic participation of the students, it was truly a vibrant and sports meet. Before the students could showcase and complete the March Past display, the Chief Guest hoisted the flag of the school to mark the beginning of the 3-day Annual Sports Meet 2022 in the presence of the teachers.

Speaking as the Chief Guest, H.Staline Diengdoh said that to see young children going to school is a happiness for him because this reminds of his school days which was 40 years ago. He also extended his praise to the school which although is a school in a remote area, yet the number of students in the school is not less than 300.

Therefore, he extended a special thank you to the teachers, and although less in number have worked hard to impart excellent teaching for the betterment and for the development of the students who are the future of the village. He also expressed that when thinking about the work of the teachers with the miniscule pay, the work is very much like a missionary work or voluntary work.

Therefore, as students they should understand that their teachers are the second parents in their lives because their meeting with their teachers is everyday and because they are the ones who raise them up not only in gaining knowledge but also in manners and courtesy, conduct and expression.

He also reminded them that as students, they live in an age of competition right from an early age to the time when they are older, and even when they turn to schools also, it is an age of tough competition because as the saying goes, only the fittest will survive. Therefore, he hopes that the students while they attend schools and give their time to study, they must also have their own goal and aim to actualise or achieve for a better future.

The inauguration ceremony was conducted by S.P Marweiñ with the welcome speech delivered by H.Lyngdoh with teachers and parents of the students also being present at the ceremony.

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