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The Congress still has many workers and office bearers that are brilliant

Jowai: Today the District Congress Committee (DCC) of the Congress party organised a meeting to carry forward the work of the party and to further strengthen the party in West and East Jaiñtia Hills District. The meeting was held at the party office in Caroline Ladthadlaboh Jowai.

Today the leaders of the party also present include the Secretary of Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC), Erwin K.Syiem Sutnga, Nehemayah Tyngkan,Vice President,MPCC, Rikut N.Parein, Secretary,DCC,West Jaiñtia Hills District,MDC,A.A.Shullai, members of the Youth Congress Meghalaya right from the President,Adrian L.C Mylliem and other members of the party.

After the gathering, Sutnga in his speech said that the point of the meeting held today is specially to strengthen the party in the coming days and to focus on the youths who are the hope of the country and the community, he also said that as a party they are confident of coming back to power because as it is at present the State there are many challenges which have to be taken up at the honourable High Court for necessary work to be completed. He also strongly criticised the present MDA Government in the State which had promised to release coal but till now there still exist a discrepancy with the existence of the High Level earning in tens of crores rupees even as the order of the NGT has been implemented, not only that, there are still many other works which this Government has bypassed, in which even the sites in the interstate border areas have been sold out to Assam by saying that Meghalaya is only a giver while Assam gets all the sites, even sites in Block-I and II which the Congress party has fought to be returned or ensure that they are back under Meghalaya.

The Vice-President of the MPCC, Nehemayah Tyngkan has expressed that the Congress party has strong faith that the party will move ahead in the coming days, this is through the collaboration of the local public residents. Tyngkan has also strongly criticised the present Government which is filled with empty promises which is akin to cheating the public.

At the same time, Nehemayah Tyngkan has informed that after a detailed examination of the situation he has decided to contest in the upcoming Assembly Election as a candidate of the Congress party from 4-Mookaiaw constituency.

Adrian L.C Mylliem said that wherever we turn now there are only problems in every place under the rule of the present MDA Government, as an example right from the essential commodities, employment opportunities, problems of the local residents at the interstate border areas and others.

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