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Jowai : Raij Jowai under the Dolloi, Puramon Kynjing as the chief of religion,chief of Elaka today the 19th of March, in the early hours of the day along with the Wasan(Elders) and Kñi(Maternal Uncle) of households practising the Niamtre religion left from the house of the Langdoh(priest) to complete the religious rites of offering thanks and prayers at the Duwan Knia(altar) in the Law Kyntang Law Langdoh( Sacred Groves)of Raij Jowai.

As per their belief, on this day of “Thoh Langdoh” in Raij Jowai, the believers and followers of the Niamtre faith cannot do anything that is against the rules of the religion and the rules of God, which means that they are prohibited from tampering and harming nature and the environment for this day is one of the days meant for the world to see the preciousness and respect given to the blessings that the environment showers on humans.

Dolloi Puramon Kynjing in expounding on the importance of the day said that the presence of Law Kyntang Law Langdoh is a great blessing to humans in which the trees grow and thrive to provide humans with water and fresh air which are of great benefits for the village and the raij and therefore it is necessary that they should be taken care of and their specialness and sacredness preserved from time to time and especially on this day of “Thoh Langdoh”, which is a day prohibited for any action which is against the rules of the religion and the rules of God to be taken.

Furthermore, the Dolloi extended his best wishes to the children in the Raij, the village and elaka which with the conclusion of this religious ceremony of thanksgiving and prayers, the children of the raij,the village and elaka may receive a good environment and climate in all aspects and he also hopes that the children of the raij and the village may all get to take part in the “Shad Niam Behdeinkhlam”(religious festival) this year amidst great peace, harmony and vibrance.

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