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Shillong : Ten years after it was established, the administrators of the Shillong Cricket Academy or SCA took the step of relocating their training academy from the Cricket Ground in J.N Stadium, Polo to the new ground of the Dorbar Shnong of Lawsohtun located in Block VI. The establishment of this training academy in this new location is made possible through the Agreement signed on the 17th of April,2021.

The relocation of the training location of the SCA was necessitated after Meghalaya received certification and recognition from the BCCI and following its participation in the biggest inter-state tournament in the country, the Ranji Trophy. The cricket ground in J.N Stadium after the completion of the renovation process is understood to be used only for matches organised by the MCA and the BCCI.

With regard to relocation of this training academy, on the 19th of March,2022, a gathering was held to inaugurate this training academy organised by the Dorbar Shnong of Lawsohtun which was attended by the local MLA who is also a Minister in the State Government, Hamletson Dohling, the Headman, office bearers of the Lawsohtun Sports Club, Naba Bhattacharjee who is the Convenor of the Task Force of the BCCI in the North-East region, office bearers of the Shillong Cricket Academy,the coaches, trainees and also parents of the trainees.

In his speech as Chief Guest, Hamletson Dohling said that this day is special not only for the SCA, but is also special for the constituency with the SCA coming forward to establish this training academy in this place, therefore Dohling felt the need to extend a special thanks to the administrators of this academy for their readiness in establishing this academy in this locality which falls in his constituency.

Dohling could not but extend his gratitude to the office bearers of the Dorbar Shnong and also the Sports Club of Lawsohtun, who had a vision and really took up the responsibility from their end to accept at once the proposal of the SCA to allow for the establishment of the academy in this place, which in turn speaks clearly about the desires of the Dorbar Shnong and the Sports Club of Lawsohtun to promote sports and especially cricket in Meghalaya.

Speaking at the gathering, the Headman of Lawsohtun, Hariberth Rynjah said that he firstly wanted to welcome the trainees and their parents for their enrollment in the SCA which from this day will continue to impart the necessary training in the new location.

Rynjah came forward to express to all on the situation of the locality, in what ch he clearly stated that there should not be any worry and fear at all with going and coming to the locality as he has claimed that it ia locality which is peaceful and safe, besides the locality is surrounded by rivulets and clean forests.

Rynjah hopes that with the establishment of this academy in this location in his locality, he firmly believes that many benefits will be reaped in the locality, while also urging the parents of the children in the locality of Lawsohtun to take advantage of this opportunity by sending their children and enrolling themselves in this training academy.

In his address at the gathering, the Technical Director of the SCA, Gideon Kharkongor said that after ten years of the academy’s establishment, talented players have been produced for the state in the category of the U-16 which is a great pride for all of the SCA.

However, in this ten years journey, as adminstrators they could not avoid the many overlapping problems and one of the major problem is the inability in having regular access to the training grounds.

Before the academy was relocated to this new location, Kharkongor said that the SCA tried to search for such a place in many localities such as in Lumpyngngad,in the Secondary School, but Kharkongor said that the SCA is lucky to have the Dorbar Shnong of Lawsohtun, which within a year of talks and negotiations, with a generous heart were ready to accept or allow the SCA to utilise their ground for which they shall be eternally praised.

On this day, Naba Bhattacharjee came forward to contribute something to the Dorbar Shnong of Lawsohtun as a mark to begin the forward movement of the training academy.

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