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SHILLONG, March 03: Mawhati MLA who is also a Minister in the State Government, Dasakhiatbha Lamare said that irrespective of whether one works or does not work, criticisms will always be there and, if as representatives they expect only praises then that is impossible.

He said that on the one hand, criticisms should be there as they push and harden one’s spirit to work even harder while speaking of the time when he first began with his political career by contesting in an election when critics and belittling remarks made him furious and all he wanted to do was to show to them that he is the opposite of what they think.

Furthermore, he said that as an MLA, there are many works that he has done in Mawhati constituency with the setting up of the Eklavya Residential School in Umtrai village, PMGSY scheme roads besides many other works. He said that Mawhati constituency is very vast constituency and has up to 153 villages under it, and added, without being boastful about it, if compared with other constituencies, it has received more developmental works under him such as the PMAY, IAY as well as the SRWP schemes.

Lamare said that the one opposing or is not alongside, no matter how much is done will criticize irrespective of how much more good is done, whereas the one who loves and supports will praise either ways. He said that as a representative he does not expect only praises or only criticisms.

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