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State farmers struggle due to lack of vegetables storage, 15 tons of tomatoes export outside the state in a day  


Shillong : The lack of adequate storage facilities for perishable goods, particularly vegetables, has hit a harsh blow to local farmers, forcing them to offload their produce at a lower cost of its actual value, in fears of being spoiled off.

Lately, the prices of vegetables like cabbages and tomatoes have gone down, as this is because lots of vegetables are coming from nearby states, and the roads are not good, making it hard to export them to Silchar, Assam.

Vegetable traders confirm that market dynamics closely accordingly to vegetable products availability. Abundant supply leads to price slumps, while scarcity drives costs upwards. The trader informed that a staggering 15 tons of vegetables are exported from Ïewduh alone to various states, with tomatoes even making their way across borders into Bangladesh.

Key tomato-producing villages like Diengpasoh, Mawryngkneng, Tynring, Sohryngkham, and nearby areas are integral in exporting tomatoes. Meanwhile, local vendors grapple with a daily fee of ₹20, which spikes to ₹40 on Saturdays. However, the price of cabbages has decreased drastically.

While cabbages are in demand across Berpata, Silchar (Assam), and even Agratala (Tripura), the bad state of the roads in the Sonapur region has led this price decline. Truckers are forced to halt overnight, resulting in severe cabbage spoilage. Locals assert that cabbage prices surge during months when external supply is minimal.

Presently, a total of 15 tons of cabbages find their way out of Meghalaya, underscoring the vital role this region plays in the vegetable trade landscape.

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