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Illegal encroachments by non-tribals discovers in Keating road during FKJGP & SMB inspection




Shillong: In a surprise inspection conducted by members of the Federation of Khasi Jaiñtia and Garo People (FKJGP) on Tuesday, numerous shops and residences were found to have illegally encroached upon Revenue (Government) land in the Keating Road area in Shillong.

During the inspection, FKJGP members observed that many establishments had encroached upon the drainage system and even extended onto the PWD roads leading from Keating Road towards Khyndailad.

Jointly with officials from the Shillong Municipal Board (SMB), the FKJGP members compiled a list of individuals involved in the encroachments.

Khraw Lynshing, the Secretary of the FKJGP Malki Unit, while speaking to reporters, pointed out that often the government turns a blind eye when non-tribal individuals encroach upon government lands. In contrast, many Khasi individuals who commit the same offense face stern resistance, resulting in the dismantling of their shops and houses. Lynshing raised the question of whether the government is hesitant to take action against non-tribal offenders and urged them to treat all cases impartially, ensuring fairness across communities.

FKJGP members proceeded to close down several businesses in the Keating Road area that lacked valid Trading and Labour Licences.

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