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No restrictions on the entry of tourist taxis from outside the state into Shillong: Meghalaya govt


Shillong: Meghalaya government cannot restrict the entry of tourist taxis from outside the state into Shillong, said Deputy Chief Minister in-charge of Transport, Sniawbhalang Dhar while addressing the Assembly on Friday.

In response to a query about whether the government intends to implement policies to restrict tourist taxis from other states from entering Shillong, Dhar stated that there would be no such restrictions.

He emphasized that taxis with tourist permits are authorized to operate throughout India. Additionally, Shillong serves as a transit route to other states, further justifying this approach.

Furthermore, Dhar pointed out that it is not feasible to impose restrictions on tourist taxis under Para 4 of the Terms and Conditions of the All India Tourist Vehicle Permit.

Responding to another query, Dhar revealed that taxi permits in Shillong have been temporarily suspended to facilitate improved regulation.

Addressing a question raised by VPP North Shillong MLA Adelbert Nongrum, Dhar clarified that the reason for unused STPS buses being stored at various locations in Shillong is that these vehicles are no longer deemed fit for use.

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