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BSF personnel involved in killing Roning Nongkynrih have not been arrested yet, family members have not received compensation  




The Deputy Chief Minister in charge of Home (Police) Prestone Tynsong informed that the BSF personnel implicated in the shooting death of Roning Nongkynrih have not yet been arrested, and the investigation into the matter is currently ongoing.

The tragic incident occurred when 32-year-old Roning Nongkynrih, a resident of Jalynteng village in Nongkynrih, was fatally shot by BSF personnel while he was transporting cattle in a lorry travelling along the Pynursla-Dawki road. The accused BSF personnel have claimed that they fired in self-defense, fearing that the truck would run them over.

The Deputy Chief Minister addressed these concerns in response to a question raised by Gavin Mylliem, the legislator representing Sohra. Mylliem submitted a ‘Zero hour’ notice regarding the news item titled “BSF troops allegedly gunned down trucker,” which occurred on the night of May 6, 2023.

During the Autumn Session of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly, Mylliem urged the government to extend relief to the grieving family who have lost their sole breadwinner in this tragic incident. He also appealed to the government to engage with the Government of India to secure some form of assistance for the affected family.

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