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Mukul alleged Conrad for associating with a drug kingpin; Conrad termed it as “ridiculous” accusation


Shillong: Former Meghalaya Chief Minister and TMC leader, Dr. Mukul Sangma has accused the current Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma, of having a close association with a drug kingpin from Manipur. Mukul even presented a photograph of Conrad and Henry Lalremsanga, an individual arrested in connection with a drug haul in Manipur on April 23, 2013.

However, Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Tuesday termed the allegation of former chief minister Dr. Mukul Sangma over a photograph of him and a person who was arrested as kingpin in a drug haul in Manipur, as the most ridiculous way of proving anything.

The serious allegation was made in the Assembly during a discussion on a motion related to drug menace in the State.

Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad said that it is sad that a person of Mukul’s level brought in a photograph and just jumped to a conclusion. Terming it as the most ridiculous thing and said that as a Chief Minster, which makes them a public figure, will eventually end up clicking pictures with thousands of people.

Conrad pointed out that there is no evidence linking him to any criminal activities or ongoing legal cases related to the matter. He stated that any actions taken in this regard would follow the established rules and procedures of the House. Ultimately, he emphasized the importance of evidence and proof when making such serious allegations.

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