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An Iguana and Emperor Scorpion in Shillong? 


Young boy unveils his extraordinary Animal Kingdom

Shillong: Angad Singh, a young boy of class 11 from Harijan Colony, Them Ïew Mawlong has shown his deep and extraordinary passion and love for animals, but these were no ordinary pets like cats and dogs that most of us are familiar with.

Among Angad’s most eclectic collection of animal companions was an Iguana, a prehistoric-looking reptile native to Mexico. At this very moment, this young lad, Angad Singh, was the proud owner of this striking creature.

But that wasn’t the end of his remarkable collection. In his home, you could also find an Emperor Scorpion, a creature hailing from the vast continent of Africa. Angad had meticulously created an environment suitable to the scorpion’s needs, maintaining the perfect temperature and providing it with the right food.

In an exclusive interview with T7 News, Angad Singh explained that these unique pets were entirely legal to own under Indian law. His Iguana, he proudly owned, was a first of its kind in the entire North East region.

Fearless and passionate, Angad emphasized that his love for animals was so profound that they mutually love him too. He spoke of his desire to expand his exotic collection to include legally pettable snakes, showing his commitment to these remarkable creatures.

Angad shared some fascinating facts about his pets. The Iguana, named Lucifer, had the potential to live up to 10 years and grow to a majestic 6-7 feet in length. In addition, the Emperor Scorpion, in which he called it as Alexa, had a slightly shorter lifespan of around 3 years.

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