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Rift within the BJP: Hek says many party members express lack of confidence in the leadership of party president


Shillong: Senior BJP leader and MLA of Pynthorumkhrah, AL Hek expressed that numerous party members across Meghalaya have displayed a lack of confidence in the leadership of party president Ernest Mawrie.

AL Hek statement came following the resignation of Himalaya M Shangpliang, the former MLA from Mawsynram and BJP Spokesperson, who explicitly cited his differences with the state party president and alleged nepotism within the state BJP leadership.

Addressing reporters after an event, Hek emphasized that Shangpliang’s allegations resonate with party members throughout the Khasi-Garo region. He stressed that these concerns, shared anonymously, reflect widespread dissatisfaction with the State President’s leadership, which, according to Hek, hampers the party’s growth and strength in Meghalaya.

When questioned about the lack of action by the BJP central leadership in removing the president, Hek pointed out that Mawrie’s tenure is nearing its end, and the central leadership is currently focused on preparations for elections in various states. He assured that intervention would occur once these elections conclude.

Additionally, Hek revealed that the party plans to convene an emergency meeting with all its members to address this issue, recognizing the significant setback caused by the resignation of senior leader HM Shangpliang.

On Wednesday morning, H.M. Shangpliang submitted his resignation citing “nepotism” within the Saffron Party. In his resignation letter addressed to Party President Ernest Mawrie, Shangpliang stated, “While I would have preferred to remain and serve the party wholeheartedly, I believe that as long as nepotism persists within the State BJP’s ranks under the State president’s leadership, it will impede the dedicated and loyal party members from freely expressing their views and progressing within the party.” Consequently, he promptly resigned from the BJP’s primary membership in the State of Meghalaya for personal reasons.

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