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Is Shangpliang joining the NPP?


Former MLA deliberately skips BJP programs

Shillong: The BJP president, Ernest Mawrie on Monday informed that former MLA and present government adviser, Himalaya M Shangpliang has deliberately skipped some of the important events of the party.

Speaking to reporters, Mawrie said that he has seen news reports that Shangpliang will leave the saffron party and join the ruling NPP in pretext of contesting the upcoming MP election. But, no official communication were made by the party officials from Mawsynram Madal nor the Shanpliang himself, said Mawrie.

“No official communication from the president of Mawsynram mandal, either from Bah Shangpliang our official candidate in the last election. So, we don’t have anything to say on it, as at moment it is only a news report”, said Shangpliang.

Mawrie informed that in the last few occasions in which the BJP hosted national programs, Shangpliang skipped these programs due to his “busy schedule” as the government adviser.

On asked if the party will issue show-cause notice to former MLA, HM Shangpliang, Mawrie replied that the matter has to be discussed with the Disciplinary Committee.

“We have already informed them (Disciplinary Committee), now they will decide weather we will call him (Shangpliang) to discuss. We cannot just issue show-cause without the advice of the Disciplinary Committee”, added the BJP president.


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