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Sohiong result will alter govt, State president warns UDP


Shillong: The State president of the National People’s Party (NPP),Dr. Wanwei Roy Kharlukhi sees a change in the government after the Sohiong election, but the extent of this change is yet to be determined.

Dr. Kharlukhi also revealed that he has heard reports of the United Democratic Party (UDP) leaders has many a time threatening that if they win Sohiong there will be a change in the government. The NPP leader warned that anyone who makes such threats may face consequences and should be cautious in their campaigning.

The State president also went on to say that before the formation of the MDA-II government, the UDP attempted to seize power but was unsuccessful. However, they ultimately accepted their position in the government. He added that removing the UDP from the government now would have no significant impact on the NPP led MDA-II government.

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