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Dorbar shnong demands relocation of Harijans from Laitumkhrah


Shillong: The Dorbar shnong of Laitumkhrah on Wednesday has demanded the relocation of the Harijan residents from Laitumkhrah to the same proposed location of the 342 families from Thewïewmawlong.

Andrew Jyrwa, the headman said that the Laitumkhrah Dorbar has submitted writings to the government in many occasions seeking the relocation of the Harijans residents residing at Lumsohra, Laitumkhrah. Jyrwa said the government has not yet responded to the Dorbar demands.

Jyrwa infinity that the area in which the Harijans are living now at Lumsohra has become a den of anti-social elements. Urging the Shillong Municipal Board, Jyrwa said the Board should keep checks as illegal settlers in the area are on the rise.


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