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KSU condemns VHP for disrupting religious harmony during Holy Week


Shillong: The Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) Laban Circle expressed its resentment against the rally /procession that had been organised by Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP), Shillong on April 2 which the KSU has termed the rally/procession as has disturbed the peace and tranquillity and disrupt the religious harmony in the society.

As the rally/possession of the VHP was on a Sunday, the KSU has alleged that “this procession is nothing but a showcase of power and dominance of one religion over the other religions”.

“In one such instance that the Union will like to stress upon is when the rally/procession was heading through Red Cross, Laban to Laban lewdak and the group of about hundreds two wheelers (some riding without helmets), cars and buses intentionally stopped outside Laban Presbyterian Church at around 1 PM when the Church was undergoing its service and was chanting slogan such “Jai Sree Ram” and other slogans for about 10 (ten) minutes or more which has greatly disturbed the ongoing service and created a chaotic scenario among the people in the Church. This was done with a malafide intention to provoked the Christians of the State and to instil in them a fear psychosis of the other religion (in this case, the Hindus). Passer-by also heard people who were a part of the rally /procession shouting that they would turn Meghalaya into a Hindu State and situation of Gujarat riots will take place in Meghalaya soon”, said the KSU leader.

Taking a dig at the police, the KSU leader has further alleged that the Laban Police were just mere spectators and made no efforts whatsoever to disperse the crowd which took part in the rally/procession from disturbing the Church service nor made any appeal to them to move on.

“Such an act of spinelessness and cowardice by the Laban Police is condemnable and requires immediate intervention”, he added.

“After disturbing the Church service in Laban Presbyterian Church, the crowds in the rally were heading towards St. John Parish to do the same but due to the intervention of some locals who forced the police to act to control the crowds who was going berserk manage to stopped them to enter St. John Parish in Madan Laban and they slight right towards Laststop”, added the KSU leader.

The Union would like to Felterate the fact that Ram Navami was celebrated on the 30th of March, 2023 all over India, then why was it celebrated on the 2nd of April, 2023 on a Sunday in Shillong which was a Palm Sunday, notably a holy Sunday for the Christians. Such an act can be said to be done only to hurt the sentiments and to provoked the Christians of the State and the District Administration permitting the same is also questionable.

After the said incident, the Union was of the opinion that the District Administration and the Police will take note of such an act but to utter dismay there has been no action till date.

“The Union respect each and every religion and individuals’ rights to profess any religion but would not be able to endure such kind of act which would lead to ill and communal feeling of one religion against another. The Christians would be celebrating Good Friday and Easter Sunday on the 7th and 9th of April, 2023 and humbly urge the District Administration that such kind of rally/ procession does not repeat in these days which would clash with the Christians of the State”.

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