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Two Foundation Stones laid by the Dy.CM in Mawlai


Shillong,December 19: The Deputy Chief Minister of Meghalaya who is also incharge of PWD(Roads), Prestone Tynsong today the 19th of December, laid the foundation stone for 2 roads in Mawlai. These roads have been long awaited by the people of the area for the past 40 years including a motorable road from Motsyiar to Umjaiur and from Nonglum to Nongpdeng at an estimated cost of Rs.2.72 crores.

On this day were also present the MDC of Mawlai, Teiborlang Pathaw, the engineers of the PWD, the locality administrators from the 4 localities, and the residents apart from the land owners including priests.

Speaking as the Chief Guest at the gathering which was held at Mawlai Motsyiar, Prestone Tynsong said that he is quite fond and likes the people of Mawlai because as long as people from Mawlai are there, Meghalaya and the community also thrive which also means that it elevates the pride of the community.

He said that although there are many who criticise the laying of foundation stones all across the State, he wants the Mawlai people to respond to the criticism with actions because the construction of the road shall begin soon and it will be a blessing for the locality and the whole of Mawlai as well.

He said that the MDC used to meet with him to follow up on developmental projects twice a week, and every time just seeing his name on the appointment list was already tiring due to his pestering to get the work done which is beyond words to describe, and added that the MDC would approach the Secretariat every time and would wait for 2-3 hours to meet with the Chief Minister also to discuss with him about the development of the whole of Mawlai.

On the other hand, Prestone Tynsong said that after the asphalt laying work is complete in Mawlai, the Government will lay tiles on the footpaths. He said that he sees the MDC and the MLA claim the works they have done, but any work claimed by any is not appropriate because finally the benefit is for the people and the people know and judge who has done the work.

Speaking at the gathering, the MDC of Mawlai constituency, Teiborlang Pathaw said that he has not let anyone lose hope when a few residents went to him expressing their woes with regards to the said roads, and he promised that he will try to do something. He said that in his journey, along with the locality administrators, they went and met the Deputy Chief Minister in April of 2022 to continue following up on the work till the time the roads were finally actualised.

Pathaw said that for the people, he does not mind if he has to beg at anyone’s feet because he wants the best for the people of Mawlai. He added that after he was elected as the MDC, at his small authority he worked hard. He said that the question arises now when there are representatives when they became Ministers also, why could they not actualise the same right from when they were in power.

On this day a speech was also delivered by two Headmen, one from Mawlai Motsyiar and one from Mawlai Umjaiur.


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