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It doesn’t mean I’m sleeping just because I’m not in the media: Teibor Pathaw


Shillong, December 19: The MDC of Mawlai constituency, Teiborlang Pathaw said that the people chose him to be their representative not to sleep at home, but they chose him so that he can look into the problems faced by the people for which he has tried to work hard ever since he was elected as the MDC.

Speaking at the laying of the foundation for two roads in Mawlai function, the MDC said that there are those who say that developmental works should not be taken up by the MDC, and added further that just because he does not speak or show in front of the media, it does not mean that he simply sits idle at home, but he continues to follow up on the developmental works of Mawlai constituency.

Pathaw also said that there are some who say that the MDC is not farsighted and if they say that has no vision, they are directly accusing the people of not having a vision because the people are not fools to choose a representative without a vision.

Furthermore, the MDC said that there are schemes in Mawlai which are in progress, and he has heard a few saying that it is all politics and had them stopped in Mawlai constituency, he said that apart from the MLA and the MDC who could be a hurdle to such developmental works, because as an MDC he follows up on all developmental works.

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