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Lokayukta dismissed case against Ïangrai and former DGP over alleged vehicle procurement scam


SHILLONG, November 15: The Meghalaya Lokayukta today dismissed the case against Gabriel K.Iangrai who is the former Assistant Inspector- General of Police (Administration), and the former Director General of Police of Meghalaya,R.Chandranathan.

As per the statement of the Iangrai’s legal representative, P.Yobin, the case is related to the alleged vehicle procurement scam in the Meghalaya Police Department, today the 15th of November, the appellant did not appear before the Court leading to the Meghalaya Lokayukta to dismiss the case.

Speaking with Yobin, he said that at present, Gabriel Ïangrai will be facing trial only for the allegation with regards to the building of the National Emergency Response System (NERS), in Sadar Police Station, for which he was arrested, and which was filed by the CID.


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