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Mukul shouldn’t forget that he also distributed cattle and Rs.5000/- in 2017: Prestone


SHILLONG, November 15: The Deputy Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Prestone Tynsong has strongly slammed the leader of the Opposition, Dr.Mukul Sangma by saying that he has no other issue anymore to raise against the present Government and the public too no longer trust him, therefore let him say what he wants.

He said that Mukul Sangma had been the Chief Minister for 8 years, yet during his tenure, he failed to push for the completion of the Crowborough Hotel, but with the present Government even amidst many hurdles, the Hotel was successfully completed and inaugurated, and the Marriot Hotel will also be inaugurated in the coming month.

With regards to the criticism of the Opposition leader that the MDA Government has come up with no new schemes but have only copied FOCUS from the scheme initiated by the Government of Mukul Sangma through the Integrated Basin Development and Livelihood Promotion Programme.

Tynsong strongly retorted by saying that Mukul should not forget that he too in 2017, prior to the 2018 MLA Elections, went and distributed cattle along with a cash packet of Rs.5000/- to the public.

He further stated that the MDA Government has implemented FOCUS and Prime HUB in a much better way to create employment avenues, and the groups that have benefited from the scheme feel that it is a blessing.


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