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Government hides facts to save itself on the collapse of the new Assembly dome: MPYC


Shillong: The youths of the Indian National Congress in Meghalaya, the Meghalaya Pradesh Youth Congress expressed that the present MDA Government is deeply covered in corruption which has thickened beyond words, and which has also affected every aspect of departmental functions.

Speaking with media persons, the leaders of the MPYC said that after they had seen the dome installed on the new Legislative Assembly building in Mawdiangdiang collapsing, as workers of the party they had put up a question about the report of the enquiry which was tasked to the IIT-GUWAHATI, which the group wants for it to be in the public domain, but the forefront leaders of the MPYC have alleged that the Government has tried instead to hide and save itself.

On seeing this, the leaders of the group have put forward a question regarding the role of the engineer and the contractors and what has left the members of the MPYC by surprise is that the report which is 500 pages long has been reduced to just a few words by the Chief Minister, which clearly indicates that may be the Government is hiding something which the public ought to know.

As youths of the party they have worked hard and studied the matter by meeting and consulting with trusted people, where they were able to gather more information on many other matters as well, in which one of the matters speaks about bypassing a few regulations during the construction and installation of the dome by the contractor, apart from that signs of shoddy work were also found on the building of the new Legislative Assembly, and the other matter is that there were no proper testing agency tasked which was as per stipulations should have been there.

On this matter, the youths of the MPYC have come forward to also give a presentation before media persons, which is in part to explain to them in detail the kind of construction being carried on of the Legislative Assembly in Mawdiangdiang, which has led to the point of the dome collapsing and the report of IIT-Guwahati which clearly highlights the lapses and shoddy work of the Legislative Assembly building.

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