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Lack of support has not made me lose heart, the Government should have fought the roster matter in the HC: Adelbert


Shillong, September 16: The KHNAM MLA from North Shillong, Adelbert Nongrum said that the Government should re-examine the implementation of the roster system, and also said that the Government should have fought and show its reasons in the Meghalaya High Court against the order to implement the roster system.

Adelbert Nongrum presented this motion for discussion through the adjournment motion on the last day of the Autumn Session which was accepted by the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, but the discussion could not be held at all after he did not get the needed support from his fellow MLAs, since he needed 10 MLAs to support his motion for discussion.

The MLA expressed sadness at not being able to speak on this matter in the Legislative Assembly in which he also stated that he had hoped to say a lot of things, however he did not get a chance to do so after his fellow MLAs did not support him. He said that even though he did not get the needed support, he has not lost heart, but he will continue to fight for this matter to be discussed.

He said that the mistake of the previous Governments has become a curse now for it is the duty of the present Government to do its duty without being biassed for the good of future Governments.

He said that he is not against any community, and this matter should not bring any communal disharmony or communal bias as the State has not moved forward as envisioned even after 50 years.

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