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Heated debate between Opposition Chief Whip and the CM in the Assembly over border resolution


Shillong, September 12: The Legislative Assembly saw a heated debate in the Question Hour when the Chief Whip of the Opposition, George B.Lyngdoh raised a question pertaining to the border resolution process with Assam.

George Lyngdoh expressed that the border resolution in the second phase should not be done as had been in the first phase, without consultation with stakeholders which includes the landowners and local traditional heads, which has led to dissatisfaction and loss of areas of the residents.

On this statement of the MLA of the Opposition, the Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Conrad K.Sangma said that the statement of George Lyngdoh are all lies and misleads the Assembly, while stating also that the MLA of the Opposition should refrain from making such misleading statements.

Sangma said that in the first phase of the border resolution, the Government included all the stakeholders, and many consultation meetings were also held, but there are a few who might still be dissatisfied with the border resolution.

With regards to the question raised by the MLA of the AITC, Conrad Sangma said that the talks in the second phase have begun, and in responding further said that all the stakeholders have not been consulted yet, however as the talks progress further, consultations will be held with all the stakeholders, the civil society organisations, the local traditional heads and also the district councils.

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