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About 5000 people surrounded the jail escapees, many police personnel injured, 5 jail wardens arrested


SHILLONG, September 12: The Minister incharge of the Home Department in Meghalaya, Lahkmen Rymbui inform in the Legislative Assembly that the death of the 4 jail escapees as a result of being beaten up by the public who were about 5000 in number from nearby areas to the forest in Shangpung, West Jaiñtia Hills District.

As per the statement of the Minister, the police after receiving the information that the jail escapees were surrounded by the public in a forest close to Shangpung village, rushed to the spot however were stopped by the people who were about 5000 in number and in the tussle with the public many police personnel was injured. He said that police took into custody the bodies of the 4 jail escapees which includes I Love You Talang, Shidorki Dkhar, Marsanki Tariang, and Lodestar Tang, and rushed them to Jowai Civil Hospital, where the doctors pronounced them dead.

Rymbui also informed that the police are on a search for the two other jail escapees who managed to flee, Ramesh Dkhar and Rikmenlang Lamare.

He also informed that the Government has constituted a Magisterial Inquiry on the security lapse enabling the prisoners to escape from prison on the 10th of September, and an enquiry has also been constituted on the death of the 4 escapees.

The Minister also informed in the Legislative Assembly that the police have also arrested 5 personnel of the Jowai District Jail who helped the prisoners in escaping, and the 5 personnel against whom a case has been registered are Rajesh Swer(Head Warden), Chemlang Kynjing(Warden), Damelahun Sun(Temporary Warden(, Pyndapbor Bin(Warden) and Alexius Ïawrem(Temporary Warden).

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