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CEM demands CrPC and CPC exemption in District Council Courts


Shillong, September 08: Following the Government’s decision to implement Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) and Civil Procedure Code (CPC) in the whole State, including in areas under the jurisdiction of the Autonomous District Councils, the Chief Executive Member of the KHADC, Titosstarwell Chyne expressed his unhappiness at the decision for in the meeting with the Government last week, the District Council had clearly stated that areas under the Courts of the District Councils should be exempted.

He said that as per the decision announced by the Government on the CrPC and CPC clearly points that they shall be implemented in all courts, including also the District Council Courts, even though they had discussed and expressed that the Courts of the District Councils will continue their process as per Para 4 & 5 of the Sixth Schedule of the Indian Constitution.

He said that it is important for the Government to empower the District Council, but it should not touch the powers of the District Council Courts. He said the KHADc is against this decision of the Government because CrPC and CPC have not been exempted for the District Council Courts.

The CEM said that the KHADC will speak again on this matter at the meeting of the MDCs which he will call in the coming week on Monday and will also try to speak with the JHADC and GHADC on this matter.


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