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6 hours in school with lack of basic facilities, parents join teachers in the Pine Mount School protest


SHILLONG, September 07: The protest of the teachers in Pine Mount School continued today the 7th of September in which the parents of the students also joined hands to demand for the necessary requirements to be met in the school for the benefit and welfare of the students.

The protest began yesterday in which the teachers came out in a black flag protest to demand for the removal of the present Principal, and to express their opposition to the obstinacy of the school administration to provide the necessary requirements in the school, right from water, toilets and other requirements.

A few parents have expressed agony over the lack of facilities in the school because their children are in school for about 6 hours and the dirty toilets, water scarcity and lack of a playground has really affected their children.

They also expressed that there has never been a meeting called to provide for the requirements by the Principal, and it is very difficult to meet the Principal when needed which has pushed the teachers to express their dissatisfaction and lack of confidence in the Principal to continue supervising and managing the school.

One mother said that besides the Admission Fees, another Rs.2400/- is paid as development fees every year and also computer fees of Rs 600/- when none of the computers are in working condition.

Another mother expressed worry for her children studying in Pine Mount School due to the bad state of the toilets and water scarcity which can affect the health of the children, with the toilets emitting foul smell all the time.

The students studying in the school expressed their disgust at the dirty state of the school while speaking about the problems faced in the school because there is no cleaning done in the whole school, right from the toilets, the water and the walls are dirty and covered with cobwebs with no cleaner ever being seen to go and clean the toilets.

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