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Governor gives his assent to the KHADC Land Bill, will be recognised in all offices and banks


Shillong, September 05: The Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) will be able to implement the Land Act after the Governor of Meghalaya gave his assent to the Khasi Hills Autonomous District (Regulation and Administration of Land) Bill,2021 will now become a law.

While expressing happiness on the Bill becoming an Act, the Chief Executive Member of the KHADC, Titosstarwell Chyne said that this act will be promptly implemented only after the rules have been put in place and will be implemented in all the places within the boundary of the Khasi Hills.

He said that this is a historic Bill for the KHADC for after 70 years it has finally been made an Act, even after previous Executive Committees had opposed it.

As per the statement of the CEM, even though land falls under the jurisdiction of the Council, however till now it is not recognised by any authority. He said that Land Records Certificates which have been issued by the KHADC all this while are not recognised by banks or are not accepted by any other offices, and added that through this Bill, all documents with regards to land for which authority or jurisdiction has been given to the Kur or clan, the Rangbah Shnongs and the Syiem which can serve as certification in any aspect of work will be recognised ,and this will greatly help the citizens.

He said that documents issued by the Rangbah Shnongs or the Kurs(clans) will have to be submitted to the KHADC as well so that a record can be kept and for validation as well.

Chyne said that this Act will also have a provision for a land bank, in which there will be no force used in having to give land, and people with no land holding can also be given land from this land bank.

On being queried the CEM said that through this Act land in the border areas can be registered, while stating that registration fees will have to be charged but at a very nominal rate.

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