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I don’t understand what high-level means, only 20 tonnes allowed to pass through Umïam bridge: Prestone


Shillong, September 02: The Deputy Chief Minister of Meghalaya of Meghalaya, Prestone Tynsong said that the Government has directed that the Umïam bridge should be under surveillance so that no vehicle should ply through it carrying a load of more than 20 tonnes which can pose a danger for the bridge.

He informed that the Transport Department has also appointed 2 persons along with the police to ensure that no vehicle carrying a heavy load should ply through the bridge, and if such vehicles are found carrying a load beyond the permitted limit, stringent action will be taken against them.

On being queried about the free movement of people claiming to be of the high level, he said that he does not understand what high level means, but the names of those who are breaking the law should also be made known without making a baseless allegation. He said that when making an allegation then proofs should also be made available.

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