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MDA Ministers absent from the open public debate invitation of the HYC


Shillong: There has been no representation by the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance ministers at the open public debate event organized by the Hyniewtrep Youth Council at the Patharkhmah market in Ri-Bhoi District.

As a reminder, after the State Government completed the task of signing the MoU on the border resolution with the Assam Government in the first phase, a majority of the public residing in the interstate border areas were dissatisfied and unhappy because many problems kept arising due to the loss of huge areas of Meghalaya to Assam because the Meghalaya Government failed to follow the 5 principles but choose to decide on a show of hands basis from the residents, and while the organisation is not against the border resolution but the resolution should have been as per the principles along with documents.

Therefore upon finding this, the HYC took the opportunity to invite the Ministers of the MDA Government starting from the Chief Minister, Conrad K.Sangma, the Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong or the Ministers who supported the MoU signed before the Union Home Minister, Amit Shah to come forward to an open public debate platform which was held today, but the invitation was said to have been rejected since no one from the MDA Government dared to be present to debate or clarify to the public the basis on which the action was taken by the MDA Government.

The main reason which the public have yearned and hoped to demand the State Government to change the MoU it had signed whereby most of the villages that now fall under Assam should be returned or fall under Meghalaya again.

After the organisation completed its meeting in Malangkona which falls in Rambrai constituency, an allegation arose that the organisation was starting to politicise the issue and that it is supported in doing so by someone, and from the organisation’s side in order to clarify on this allegation today the 30th of August called for an open public debate between the HYC and the Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Conrad K.Sangma, the Deputy Chief Minister, Prestone Tynsong and also the Ministers supporting the MoU. However, from the Government’s side no one dared to come forward which clearly indicates that the path chosen by the organisation is not wrong and in the past few days, many have expressed that they want the MoU to be re-examined and for the villages which have been given to Assam to be brought back to Meghalaya.

The leaders of the HYC who were present at the meeting included Roykupar Synrem, General Secretary of the HYC,Central Body, Rhembor G.Saibon, Vice-President of the HYC,Central Body, Jayson L.Nongrum, President of the HYC, Ri-Bhoi District, along with other leaders of the different Zones, Circles and Units of the organisation in the State. On this day the meeting was supported by the President of the CORP, Bandari Ryntathiang, the leaders of the Synjuk ki Rangbah Shnong Border Dispute and Chiefs of the Raids and Himas which are affected by this phase of the border resolution.

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