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UCPF members join the UDP in Umsning, making the party stronger


A public meeting of the UDP was held to welcome the forefront leaders and all the supporters of the UCPF party who joined the UDP Umsning constituency to support Sunshine Makri in the upcoming Assembly Election of 2023.

On this day of Sunshine Makri joining the party as President and Aibor Syngkli as Secretary of UDP Umsning, an agreement was also signed with the President of the UDP Central body, Metbah Lyngdoh,Jemino Mawthoh, Pius Marweiñ MLA of Ranikor, Balajied Kupar Synrem MLA of Shella and other senior members and candidates of the party from Ri-Bhoi District also being present.

Metbah Lyngdoh while speaking on this day expressed surprised at seeing thousands of people attending the meeting to support the UDP which resonated loud the voice of the people trusting the party. Further, the President of the UDP also said that it is not the leaders who will choose the candidates for 2023, but it is the people who will choose, and the love that the people have for the UDP, he said, today in the public meeting of the UCPF party whereby the leaders want Sunshine Makri to contest the upcoming election from the UDP and thanked the people of Ri-Bhoi District for their love and support to the UDP.

After all the leaders and supporters joined the UDP, it was announced that the UCPF party in Umsning was dissolved.

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