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Before signing the MoU or taking a decision, all stakeholders should be consulted: KSU


Shillong, August 22: The President of the Khasi Students’ Union (KSU), Lambokstarwell Marngar has informed that the civil society organisations have made it clear to the Government that in the second phase of the border resolution, before the MoU or any final decision is taken, all stakeholders should be consulted so that problems arise at all.

The group of civil society organisations which includes the KSU, FKJGP, ADE and others today the 23rd of August met with the Chief Minister and also the Deputy Chief Minister again to express their dissatisfaction over the loss of a major portion of areas to Assam in the first phase of the border resolution for the 6 sites of dispute.

Marngar said that the civil society organisations have understood what the Government has expressed that it is difficult to retract the Memorandum of Understanding, however, he also added that Assam and Meghalaya are in India and there is a way and it is up to the wisdom of the Government on how to seek the way, and the Government should not discard or forget the tears and please of the residents.

The leader of the KSU said that at present the civil society organisations have left it to the wisdom of the Government and the principle of the civil society organisations is to pay attention to the details and express hope that the Government will create a way.

On being asked about the dissatisfaction that has emerged, Lambok Marngar said that the organisation will have to study and discuss every tiny detail, not only by the leaders of the civil society organisations, but will have to also consult with the Himas, the Rangbah Shnongs, local residents and what can be gathered from this consultation can maybe be considered in taking the forward step in what needs to be done for this phase of the border resolution.

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