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Conrad Sangma confirms Habahun Dkhar as the NPP candidate from 4-Mookaiaw constituency


Jowai: The President of the National People’s Party (NPP) who is also the Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Conrad Kongkal Sangma today confirmed the name of Habahun Dkhar as a candidate of the NPP from 4- Mookaiaw constituency. The meeting confirming the name of Habahun Dkhar was held at Khmutwasain Ground in Mookaiaw, also in the presence¬† of the MLA of Jowai, Wailadmiki Shylla,MLA of Raliang, Comingone Ymbon, CEM,JHADC, T.Shiwat among other NPP MDCs of the JHADC, Nehlang Rymbai, former MLA, Bajop Pyngrope,MDC Rambrai-Jyrngam, office-bearers of the NPP, the public supporters and others.

Conrad Sangma in his speech said that the party has had a mind for a long time to make Habahun Dkhar, MDC of the JHADC as a candidate of the constituency and also said that Habahun Dkhar is a man who the most befitting to contest the election from this constituency, he also reminded that Gilbert Sten who had contested the MLA Election in 2018 from the NPP who had lost by just a few votes in the constituency , therefore he takes this opportunity to extend his best wishes to the people of 4- Mookaiaw constituency, and he is confident that in the 2023 Election the people of this constituency will lead Habahun Dkhar to great victory.

Conrad Sangma also reminded about the journey of the State Government led by the NPP, he said that the Government has completed many different tasks in connection with development and especially with the resolution of the border issue between Meghalaya and Assam, the first phase of which has been completed and the remaining is the second phase which involves Block I and II, he said that no other Government has been bold enough to take up the matter of resolving the border issue between the two states, even as the people residing in the interstate border areas face many difficulties and living in fear that they may be harassed at any point at time by the Assam Police or the civilians besides others forms of harassment, but now all these have been removed with the hard work of the Government led by the NPP, which none of the other leaders before had ever done.

Habahun Dkhar in his speech also said that as the MDC he had brought in many developmental projects in the MDC constituency, he said that a person who earns a rupee or two, in politics can go up from being an MDC to an MLA. Therefore he urge the public supporters and others to extend their full support to him in the 2023 MLA election.

Today the meeting was conducted by Gilbert Sten who is also the Adviser of the party, with the welcome speech being delivered by the Waheh Shnong of Mookaiaw, Shaniah Lamare. On this day the office-bearers of the Mookaiaw NPP Block were also confirmed and many new members who joined the party were welcomed by Wailad Shylla who is the President of the District

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