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Metbah has not confirmed yet, whether Eugene will still contest the Mawphlang seat from the UDP


Shillong, August 17: The President of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Metbah Lyngdoh said that the joining of two new members, one being former President of the FKJGP, Wellbirth Rani and the other being a member of the NPP from Pynursla, Monarch Shabong, is not at all because they are going to contest the election, but it simply to strengthen the party.

The United Democratic Party (UDP), welcomed two new members, Wellbirth Rani, former President of the FKJGP and NPP member from Pynursla, Monarch Shabong at a gathering held today in Shillong.

On being queried with regards to Mawphlang constituency which Rani had surveyed for the purpose of contesting the 2023 MLA election, Metbah Lyngdoh did not give a clear statement on whether Eugeneson Lyngdoh, the incumbent MLA will be the party candidate, but only said that at present the party has the MLA from Mawphlang.

On the other hand the President of the UDP said that the party has gone ahead with its preparations for the 2023 MLA elections, and the signs indicate that there is a hope for the UDP because many different leaders have joined the party.

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